FAEMA MC 99 Wireless


• Wireless automatic grinder-doser. Equipped with a comple-tely developed in-house system which, using the wireless Bluetooth 2.45GHz technology, ensures a constant dialogue with the new generation coffee machines equipped with the Bluetooth module standard supplied with the grinder-do-ser (Faema Emblema, Faema Teorema). The system checks that the extraction is correct, and automatically makes any necessary corrections to the grinding and dose in order to guarantee the optimum quality of the coffee served.

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Technical information

  MC 99 Wireless
Output g/s [These data refer to grinding for an Italian espresso coffee] 4,4
Hopper capacity (kg) 1,8
Diameter grinding burrs (mm) 68
Width x Depth x Height (mm) 250 x 451 x 735
Power at 380-415V3~ 50Hz (W) 400
Power at 220-240V~ 50Hz | 220V 60Hz (W) 420


• Touch screen with customizable colour.
• Filter-holder fork of aluminium.
• Conic grinding burrs.
• Body of stainless steel and die-cast aluminium.
• USB Port.
• Reduced hopper capacity for ground coffee (20 Espresso).
• High production per hour.