Barista Smart coffee Kettle V60 - Heat Resistant Glass Coffee Kettle

Barista Smart Coffee Kettle V60


<p>Capacity: 300 ml porcelain cup and 600 ml glass dripper </p>
<p>Material: Porcelain and Glass</p>

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<h2>Control your brew with our Barista Smart Coffee Kettle V60!</h2>
<p>Barista Smart Coffee Kettle V60 is simple, clean and accessible. The ceramic filter cone of the V60 brews the best cup of coffee by highlighting the full aroma flavor of the coffee.</p>
<p>Barista Smart Coffee Kettle V60 gives you surprising control with a manual brewer—recipe, temperature, grind setting and more.</p>
<li>• Easy and accessible</li>
<li>• Brew control</li>
<li>• Capacity: 300 ml porcelain cup and 600 ml glass dripper</li>
<li>• Material: porcelain and glass</li>