DIVA is the most versatile and innovative coffee corner on the market: it fully meets consumers’ extensive needs offering 350 combinations of different drinks and aromas, relying on a highly interactive and intuitive interface.
With DIVA, consumers’ tastes are turned into real recipes for delicious drinks, thanks to a guided system that allow to create customized drinks.
Versatility and a complete offer make DIVA the leading actress of the vending sector.
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DIVA’s interactive and intuitive touch technology interface simplifies users’ purchasing process, turning it into a one and only experience. Consumers can use the 32” FULL HD touchscreen display to choose among 6 families of hot beverages (9 selections for each family).

An incredibly large choice, but with full assistance: a user guided system helps users along the entire selection process, from choosing their cup to completing their drink with delicious toppings and syrups. The software also provides useful nutritional details on every ingredient, in order to meet any particular dietary requirements.

With DIVA, users can dialogue with the machine and prepare customised recipes, for heavenly gourmet sensations.


DIVA pleases all tastes, with over 350 different drink combinations made from ground coffee, fresh milk and soluble products. Users can choose their cup size and decide whether to take their drink away thanks to practical lids: DIVA has been specifically designed for easy and satisfying on-the-go breaks.


Thanks to its wide range of products and a system that diffuses the aroma of coffee outside the machine during the grinding process, DIVA seduces consumers by embracing all the senses and by creating an inviting environment and truly tasty atmosphere. Its innovative design and the use of top quality materials also make
DIVA a luxury machine: its contemporary style, smooth lines and wide touch screen give lustre to an expressive and dynamic style.

Yet there is even more: thanks to the FULL HD technology, high quality images and promotional or informative videos can be displayed, thus further enhancing consumers’ involvement and offering business opportunities for product brand communication.

In other words, DIVA creates an incredible coffee shop experience in places such as motorway service stations, shopping malls, airports and cinemas, as well as offering a new office solution for large companies.


Easy maintenance with DIVA: entirely designed to make it easy to access the inner parts of the system and clean them.

Since milk is a perishable product, DIVA automatically washes the milk circuits to prevent bacteria proliferation: the circuit is rinsed with cold water each time after the milk has been dispensed. The system also includes periodical automatic washing
(programmable from 0 to 20 minutes from the last time milk is dispensed) which cleans the dispensing circuit, with the option to heat the washing water with steam.

  • Touch: 32” touchscreen monitor FULL HD also for multimedia contents
  • Manual cup dispenser for different sizes from 70 to 80 Ø mm, provided
    with flashing LED to guide the user in choosing the right cup.
  • Manual lid dispenser.
  • Cup station with lift to adjust the cup position according to the cup size;
    this leads to better results in the cup.
  • Cup sensor for cup positioning and size.
  • Door divided compartment for accessories (sugar, stirrers, holders…)
  • Version with variable chamber coffee brewer (ESV): 7÷14 gr coffee dose.
  • Topping dispenser, with 4 transparent canisters that can be filled, for drinks complemented by many top quality products, such as: chocolate flakes, choco pops, muesli…
  • Syrup dispenser: dispenses 2 different types of syrup such as caramel, vanilla and many other delicious flavours.
  • Version with fresh milk module and new milk foaming system for an incredible variety of hot and cold beverages.
  • Fresh milk module: temperature below 4°C; volume: 15 liters; empty milk
    sensor and thermometer showing the temperature inside the refrigerating unit.
  • Payment systems: banknote reading device, change returning device, cashless system.
  • Powerful and flexible electronics.