The Bolero 11 features one large canister for one kind of instant ingredient. Therefore this model serves one hot beverage, for example hot chocolate or coffee. The manual tap provides hot water for tea or soup.

Enjoy the benefits

Quick and user-friendly
Made from sturdy high-quality materials such as stainless steel and BPA-free plastics
Hot water from a separate outlet
Coffee strength and size (S/M/L) can be selected on-screen
Eco mode and boiler insulation for reduced energy consumption
Uncomplicated rinsing and descaling programmes
Patented mixing systems which greatly reduce any build-up of ingredients
Transparent canisters make refilling easy
Day and cumulative counters
Various programmable settings to optimise the drinks of your choice
3kW version

The Bolero 11 3kW version is especially developed for filling decanters; the cup size per beverage can be set up to 2000 ml. In this case we highly recommend you to check out the Bolero pedestal and thermos-isolated flasks (see accessories below).

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