FAEMA E71 GTi Coffee Machine



• New GTi FAEMA thermal system: System withindependent boilers to guarantee maximum flexibility andthermal stabi-lity: all brewing parameters, including duration, can be un-der constant control.
• Dual delivery Management: The lever placed aboveeach grouphead gives the barista total control over the brewing process. Alternatively, the barista can choose digital mode by use of the 4.3” touch screen display. The lever provides perfect control of brewing and dispensing times, emphasi-sing the sensory qualities of the coffee - its intensity, acidi-ty and body.

In stock

• The boiler is equipped with the patented Smart Boiler sys- tem and it is insulated with a special material which redu- ces heat loss for a daily energy saving of 40% (according to DIN 18873-2 parameters).
• 2 Cold Touch steam wands with purge function or 1 Cold Touch steam wand with purge function + 1 AutoSteam Milk4 Cold Touch steam wand (programmed for 4 different milk recipes).
• 1 hot water wand (dosed delivery).
• When equipped with the special kit supplied with the Wire-less grinder doser, the machine connects via Bluetooth with the grinder-doser itself to report any adjustments of the grinding and dose which are performed automatically.
• USB port
• Green machine: last generation eco-technological solu-tions thought to conjugate energy saving andenvironmen-tal respect.
• Available also in tall cup version to accomodate tall cup or glasses (max cup height 14,4 cm).


Steam wands 2
Hot water wands and selections 1 + 3
Boiler capacity (litres) 7
Independent coffee boilers 2
Capacity of each independent coffee boiler (cc) 600

Technical information

Width x Depth x Height (mm) 794 x 612 x 484
Weight (kg) 71
Supply power 20-240V~ 20-240V3 50/60Hz (W) 380-415V3N~ 6200 - 7400


  • AutoSteam Milk4 Cold Touch
  • Tall Cup