Always freshly ground from whole beans and freshly filtered - conveniently and whenever required: the Melitta® Cafina® CT8-F brews up to 500 cups of filter coffee an hour. The practical, integrated weekly planner makes it the functional partner of the XT8-F, designed for an even tougher working environment!

Our high-end fully automatic filter coffee machine for the toughest demands

Programmed for large volumes of freshly ground filter coffee

Whether it is time for breakfast or coffee and cake: filter coffee can successfully assert itself in the out-of-home market alongside other coffee specialities. As long as it is freshly prepared. You will be on the safe side with the Melitta®Cafina® CT8-F fully automatic filter coffee machine. It always grinds and brews fresh filter coffee when you need it - up to 500 cups an hour.

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Quality and variety

Delightful, aromatic filter coffee, always freshly ground from whole beans, brewed in small batches. Two bean containers and two grinders mean you can offer two types of coffee at the same time.

Strong performance for large volumes

A sudden rush? With two bean containers holding 1.6 kg of ground coffee each, a practical urn and pot filling option, you will be ready for anything. Up to 80 l of hot water can be drawn at the same time for tea.

Less effort

Plan once for freshly brewed coffee all week: you define the times and quantities in the weekly planner so the CT8-F filters fresh coffee when required and coffee is not left to stand in the urn for long.

Two grinders, double the enjoyment

Two specially developed grinders made from tool steel for two different bean varieties. The grinding discs with large diameters work fast, producing even and finely ground coffee. For the best aroma!

Practical weekly planner

Ready for any situation: the weekly planner regulates fresh filtering in line with demand, ensures coffee is not left to stand in the urn for long and schedules cleaning.


If you know that you will have a large demand for fresh filter coffee then you can keep a few cupfuls ready in the urn and avoid keeping your guests waiting unnecessarily.

Clean in Place

It couldn't be easier: fully automatic cleaning of the brewing and milk system directly in the machine. Nothing has to be removed or taken apart. It’s as simple as that: quick, safe and certified hygienic.