Melitta Latticia OT Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

Melitta Latticia OT Fully Automatic Coffee Machine



Milk at its best!

Many coffee fans dream of making coffee beverages with milk like in their favourite café very simply at home. The Melitta® Latticia® OT now makes that possible. Thanks to its new integrated milk system – the LATTEperfection system, any coffee is certain to turn out how you want it. It is very uncomplicated due to intuitive one-touch operation with coloured real image buttons. The double cup mode, and the extra large bean container and water tank ensure plenty of coffee enjoyment. Coffee enjoyment at the push of a button.


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LATTEperfection system

Frothed twice, twice as delicious: the new LATTEperfection system makes milk froth wishes come true at the push of a button. Unlike other currently available integrated milk circuits, this system froths the milk twice. The result is wonderfully fine milk froth at just the right temperature.


One Touch

You can select Café Crème, Cappuccino and Latte macchiato directly by touching the coloured real image buttons. You also get milk froth and hot water simply and conveniently with one touch.


Extra large coffee enjoyment

The Latticia® OT has a removable extra large water tank (1.5 l) and an extra large bean container (250 g) for plenty of coffee enjoyment. Despite being just 20 cm wide, this automatic coffeemaker has enough space to easily prepare two coffee beverages with milk at the same time.


Super-silent grinder

You can make yourself a freshly ground coffee without waking anyone. Your automatic coffeemaker has a super-silent steel conical burr grinder that grinds the coffee beans quietly.

Brewing strength and grinding fineness

For individual tastes, the brewing strength (three settings) and the grinding fineness (five settings) can be adjusted.


Continuously variable quantity adjustment

You can set the quantity both for coffee drinks and coffee beverages with milk as you like. The outlet height can be adjusted to up to 135 mm so you can also use glasses or extra large mugs.

Aromatic Coffee Enjoyment

The new pump control system enables an ideal contact time between the water and coffee. You can now enjoy the two coffee classics of espresso and café crème with even better developed coffee aromas.

Italian preparation process

Coffee? Milk? Froth? What was the order again? It is good to know the original Italian recipes. The clever Italian preparation process is guaranteed to put the ingredients together in the right order.


The drip tray features a stainless steel drip plate with a high-quality integrated anti-scratch plastic insert.

Quick & Clean

We recommend cleaning the appliance on a regular basis after preparing coffee milk beverages. The new Quick & Clean milk circuit cleaning system gives you hygienic cleanliness in just two simple steps. Simply immerse the milk hose in a vessel filled with clear tap water and start the cleaning program. Furthermore, the milk unit is easy to disassemble and clean.

Automatic cleaning and descaling program

Your automatic coffeemaker automatically shows a message on the display when it needs cleaning or descaling. The service button provides simple access to the cleaning and descaling program, to the brewing temperature and water hardness settings and to the Auto-OFF function. If necessary, the complete brewing unit is easy to remove. You can then access the interior of the machine and clean it without any problems.

Water filter compatibility

It is best to use Melitta® Pro Aqua water filters – then your coffee will taste even better. Your automatic coffeemaker will then only need to be descaled once a year*. Limescale deposits in the water circuit are prevented for as long as possible by the filter. * This figure is based on a 120 ml cup fill level with six dispensing processes per day and six filter changes according to the appliance information.