Production per cycle Every 15-20 minutes 1 kg (1,5 l.)

All the ice cream you want with the new compressor ice cream maker by Nemox! 1.7 liters of gelato, ice creams, sorbets, granitas and frozen yoghurt can be obtained in both the fixed stainless steel bowl and in the removable one. Very easy to use .

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The “green” ecological evolution of Nemox best-selling machine!
Gelatissimo Exclusive i-Green is presented in its eco-sustainable look using an ecological gas R290 with GWP = 3 which means reducing the impact on emissions by 99.95%. Gelatissimo Exclusive i-Green consumes less electricity and is more efficient.

Gelatissimo Exclusive i-Green : the easier way to prepare delicious gelato, ice cream, sorbet granita and frozen yoghurt!
In only 15/20 minutes you will taste a very good product! The control panel has been designed from a famous international designer and reflects the eco-friendly spirit of the new i-green version, on the control panel there are three chrome switches one is the main swithc, one starts the paddle and one starts the refrigeration system.

The compressor is fitted with a safety device to prevent any possible damage to the motor unit. The quality/price ratio for this machine is particularly beneficial and recognized in many countries by marketing research institutes, for this reason the Gelatissimo Exclusive is the best selling machine of our gelato household range.

Gelatissimo Exclusive i-Green makes 1 kg.(1,5 Litres) of gelato, sorbet , frozen yoghurt in 15/20 minutes (10-20 portions)
You can prepare your ice cream both in the stainless steel AISI 304 fixed bowl or in the AISI 304 stainless steel removable bowl, absolutely hygienic and scratch-proof. The machine is equipped with two mixing paddles, one to be used with the fixed bowl and one for the removable bowl.

Use with fixed bowl

Insert the mixing paddle in the fixed bowl, tighten the paddle locking knob and put in place the fixed bowl protection on the fixed bowl. The machine is ready for use.
Use with removable bowl

Pour in the fixed bowl salt and water solution or food grade alcohol minimum 40% proof or higher.
Insert the removable bowl into the fixed bowl. Then lift it and CHECK THAT THE EXTERNAL WALL OF THE REMOVABLE BOWL IS COMPLETELY WET. Insert the mixing paddle for removable bowl and tighten the paddle locking knob. The machine is ready for use.

The machine has a recommended capacity of 1Kg. of mixture. If larger quantities are poured in, the ice cream may increase in volume during the processing and could overflow. Furthermore, the final texture may be not as good.

DO NOT FILL THE BOWL MORE THAN HALF FULL. This will allow the volume to increase during churning to maximum bowl capacity.
Removable bowl, paddles, lid, spatula and measuring cup are dishwasher safe