Production per cycle Every 15-20 minutes 1 kg (1,5 l.)

It is the only fully automatic household Gelato Machine in the world! Gelato NXT1 L’AUTOMATICA i-Green manages everything for you! Pour the ingredients and go. Your gelato will be ready to savour, just when you want! A single touch allows to start the production of gelato, ice cream, frozen yoghurt , sorbet, granita.


Nemox is proud to announce that its machine Gelato NXT1 L’Automatica, received from the German Test Magazin issued in June 2019, the reward as best buy out of 6 units with compressor compared. Gelato NXT1 L’Automatica is the only machine out of the six manufactured in Italy/Europe.

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Gelato NXT1 i-Green An eco-friendly hart for our fully automatic household gelato machine
Gelato NXT1 i-Green use only ecological gas with GWP Global Warming Potential, (capacity to retain heat of the various greenhouse gases) practically equal to Zero. Gelato NXT1 i-Green is an ice cream machine full of technology. Just touch a button on the touch screen panel to activate it.
A sophisticated software reads information from density sensors and temperature probes and, based on these parameters, through an algorithm automatically adjusts the thermodynamic system, freezing motor, ventilation motor and manages storage.

There is no need to adjust anything, or supervise the machine. Gelato NXT1 i-Green does it all by itself!
Gelato NXT1 i-Green makes 1 kg.(1,5 l.) of gelato, sorbet, frozen yoghurt, in 15/20 minutes (10-20 portions)
The machine is equipped with a Pause function, every time the mixing paddle starts a warning tone beeps twice.

Making gelato with NXT1 L’AUTOMATICA I-GREEN

Preparation times and storage phases are set automatically by the machine’s software, according to the constant detection of the room temperature and density of the mixture. How to proceed: pour the mixture, position the transparent lid, press and hold the start key on the control panel for two seconds. The machine starts an automatic production cycle.

The progress of the preparation is indicated by the gradual lighting of the LED on the TIME LINE bar.
At the end of the cycle, or when the preparation has reached the consistency established by the software, the machine automatically switches to the storage phase.

The storage phase is indicated by the lighting; all LEDs of the TIME LINE bar, and the central LED of the DENSITY CONTROL bar
With density control key you have the possibility to select 5 different levels of storage, from the softest to the most compact to store the Gelato at the ideal temperature for distribution.

The machine automatically manages the paddle and the cold system during the storage phase. Gelato can be stored for a maximum period of 8 hours, after which the machine switches off automatically. The colors are the most popular in the home ambience, white, red, silver and black, now it is also available in the new Green, I-green color. Gelato NXT1 i-Green has the possibility of using the fixed bowl and the removable bowl, both made in AISI 304 stainless steel, absolutely hygienic and scratch-resistant.

The removable bowl can be washed in the dishwasher. The machine is supplied with 2 mixing paddle, one for the fix bowl and one for removable bowl.
Use with fixed bowl. Insert the mixing paddle in the fixed bowl, tighten the paddle locking knob and put in place the fixed bowl protection on the fixed bowl. The machine is ready for use.

Use with removable bowl
Pour in the fixed bowl salt and water solution or food grade alcohol minimum 40% proof or higher. Insert the removable bowl into the fixed bowl. Then lift it and CHECK THAT THE EXTERNAL WALL OF THE REMOVABLE BOWL IS COMPLETELY WET. Insert the mixing paddle for removable bowl and tighten the paddle locking knob. The machine is ready for use

The machine has a recommended capacity of 1Kg. of mixture. If larger quantities are poured in, the ice cream may increase in volume during the processing and could overflow. Furthermore, the final texture may be not as good.
DO NOT FILL THE BOWL MORE THAN HALF FULL. This will allow the volume to increase during churning to maximum bowl capacity.
Thanks to its thermodynamic system, NXT1 i-Green ice cream allows you to obtain a double quantity of ice cream and in half the time compared to the competition!