Slayer Steam 2 Group Espresso Machine White Wood

Slayer Espresso White 2G


Slayer Steam 2 Group Espresso Machine, Slayer Two Group Commercial Espresso Machine By Coffee Store!

Highlight the vibrant and varied flavors of coffee with profiling that you can taste. Slayer brew actuators toggle changes in flow rate to influence perceived acidity, sweetness, and body, offering an entirely new tool for extraction. Espresso-focused cafes and roasters around the world prize Slayer for its unmatched ability to make coffee better.


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Slayer Espresso White 2G FEATURES

  • Manual espresso extraction
  • Pre-brew wetting stage
  • Flavor profiling with 3-position actuator
  • Patented flow rate control
  • Electronic group valves
  • Independent brew tanks
  • Unlimited steam
  • Pre-heat tank
  • Digital temperature control
  • European Ash wood handles and actuators
  • Blended hot water valve
  • Modular pre-brew timers
  • Versatile power supply
  • Shot mirror
  • Made in Seattle, USA
  • Certified ETL Sanitation* (conforms to NSF/ ANSI Standard 4)

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