The ZV25 is the most compact Vending Zummo solution in terms of size, and the largest in terms of features. Its small size makes it ideal for offices, shops or businesses.

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  • Z14 juicer
  • Juicer mounted on tray with guides for easy handling
  • Removable cooling equipment
  • Direct juice: Juice goes directly to the glass or cup
  • Juice collection compartment with window and automatic blockage
  • Information display: Menu in 8 languages
  • Trouble-shooting information
  • LED backlit front panel
  • Programmable Rielda lock for master key
  • Coin/note box safety zone
  • Lighted window to view juice extraction process
  • Electronic temperature control
  • Programmable time-based automatic cleaning

Technical features

Voltage 230V-50 Hz. 220V-60 Hz. 110V-60 Hz
Consumption 700 W
Autonomy 50-55 servicios
Service time 16-21 seconds (depending on configuration)
Coolant R134A
Weight 225 kg
Feeder 25 kg of fruit
Disposable cup dispenser 115 units for Ø 70-71 cups, from 150 cc to 220 cc
Fruit diameter Ø 55– 75 mm Opt: Copa grande Ø 70– 90 mm
Measurements 1845 (a) x 680 (l) x 700 (p) mm
Protection Blockage sensors
Max. Water intake pressure 6 bars